Dapoer Kita restaruant is an Indonesian restaurant in Dubai, Dapoer kita  is an Indonesian word which means Our Kitchen, Indonesian restaurant in Dubai initially it was opened on 1st July 2012, inspired by owner experience in the world of cookery where a hobby becomes an adventure of professional. Shinett with her  husband who popped the idea of generating what I love to become the mission of her carrier.

Indonesian Restaurant in Dubai

Coming from a mixture Indonesian family of Menado and Bandung ancestors, She experimented in blending cultures from its cuisines. Living in Dubai with her own little family where it’s home far away from home, has inspired me to create a homemade dishes with a well fusion of flavors by still preserving its original taste.  The journey have to be hand over from December 2017 where she has to move on with her life and return back to Indonesia and continued with the New Owner.

Currently The New Dapoer Kita have started with New Journey and alot more culinary experience to offer, to see what kind of indonesian food, you can browse our menu.

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UAE VAT Registration TRN Number 100006375800003